Typology of Scientific Contestation and Consensus in Indonesian Community of Social Studies

Penulis : Mohammad Imam Farisi
Judul : Typology of Scientific Contestation and Consensus in Indonesian Community of Social Studies
Nama Jurnal : American Journal of Social Science Research (AJSSR)
Penerbit : American Instutute of Science – Public Science Framework
Periode : June 2015, Pub. Date: May 28, 2015
Volume   Vol. 1, No. 2
Halaman : 101—113
ISSN :  2381-7712 (print); 2381-7720 (online)
Abstracting-Indexing :  
Abstrak : One of the important milestones in epistemological discourse is the emergence of the idea that reality is not merely the result of a psychological and personal construction of an expert, but it rather a result of social construction that is built on a shared commitment among members of scientific discipline community. At this point, contestation towards a consensus on the scientific paradigm becomes an important and decisive part in any dynamics occurring within a discipline. It is a sociological prerequisite for the achievement of normal science, genesis and sustainability of a particular scientific tradition. This article examines and describes the typology of contestation-consensus in Indonesian community of social studies to establish a shared paradigm of the social studies as a “synthetic discipline”. Based on the Shwed and Bearman’s model on “the temporal structure of scientific consensus formation,” this article shows that contestations in Indonesian community of social studies towards a consensus about social studies as a synthetic discipline is benign or flats, a typology of contestation and consensus in which there is no really scientific contestation or competition, and more likely to reflect of scientist’s ambition personally to exhibit the same exponential growth of papers but with flat (and low) contestation levels.
Kata Kunci : Scientific contestation and consensus, Social studies community, Sociology of science, Shared paradigm.
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