Penulis : Mohammad Imam Farisi
Judul : An Epistemological Study on Somantri’s Thought about the Social Studies as a Synthetic Discipline
Nama Jurnal : Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn)
Periode : November 2015
Volume : Vol 9, No 4
Halaman : 339-348
Penerbit : Universitas Ahmad Dahlan and IAES Indonesia Section
ISSN : 2089-9823
Abstracting-Indexing :  
Abstrak : This study analyses Somantri’s thought about the epistemology of social studies as a scientific discipline. The Study is a qualitative-interpretive (philosophical inquiry) using his academic works as a primary source, and related expertise references as secondary sources selected by annotated bibliography and literature review techniques; then analyzed by a qualitative content analysis technique. The results of the study show, epistemologically, the social studies within Somantri’s thought conceptualized as a synthetic discipline and an integrated educational program, a product of synergistic reengineering from two or more disciplines equivalent for the social studies purposes. The synthetic discipline is the nature, identity, and a culture of faculty and postgraduate of the social studies. It has four academic status namely ‘advance knowledge’, ‘middle-studies’, ‘primary structure’; and ‘integrated educational program’ developed at all levels of the school and teachers’ college.
Kata Kunci : Epistemology, social studies, synthetic discipline, Somantri
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