Penulis : Mohammad Imam Farisi
Judul : Komunitas Ilmiah Di Indonesia: Tinjauan Dari Perspektif Epistemologi Sosial Kuhnian
Jurnal : Sosiologi Pendidikan
Penerbit : Fakultas Ilmu Sosial, Unesa Surabaya
ISSN : 2301-8763
Abstrak : The Kuhnian’s social epistemology is an epistemology in which the roles and existence of the scientific communities taken place in the center of all processes and significance of science. This epistemology is an antithesis to the genetic or objective epistemology in which the roles and existence of the internal structure, function, and operation of the scientist cognitive individually and/or their internal logic in all processes and significance of science are central. The paper examines and discusses on the significance of the scientific communities as a main pillar from a sociological perspective. The existence, history, layer and networks, and characteristics of the scientific communities is also examined and discussed.
Kata Kunci : The Scientific Communities, Indonesia, Social Epistemology
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